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Lynx Power has designed an developed a unique Supercharger kit for the Peugeot 306 GTi-6/Rallye (XU10J4RS) and XSi 16V (XU10J4) Engines.

It is designed for use with the ingenious Rotrex C30 series superchargers. Power gains of 250-400 BHP are possible, depending on engine specification and boost pressure.

Indicative power graphs for both the low and high boost conversion can be downloaded from the links below:

  • Click here to download the low-boost power graph
  • Click here to download the high-boost power graph

Power levels of 250BHP are achievable on a standard engine as a 'bolt on' conversion, for more than this an engine rebuild with forged components is required to enable the engine to support more boost.

The kit is designed to retain the standard Magneti Marelli engine management system, so full factory level diagnostics are achievable. Lynx offers custom ECU software for both the low boost and high boost supercharger conversion, developed in conjunction with Chip Wizards. Our solution is cheaper, neater, and just as good as many of the stand-alone engine management systems available today.

The conversion is available to buy as a 'Supercharger Kit' whereby you can a buy a package of the bare necessities to fit the supercharger and complete the rest of the conversion yourself, to a full blow drive in, drive out conversion.

Lynx developed the conversion over a 24-month period which included the design and production of many custom made parts required to facilitate the installation. The 'custom' components which constitute our 'Supercharger Kit' are as follows:

  • Custom made inlet manifold fabricated from TIG welded aluminium.
  • Inlet adapter to fit the Rotrex Supercharger compressor housing, machined from billet 6082 T6 alloy.
  • Throttle body adapter to enable fitment of the OEM Solex throttle body to the Rotrex Supercharger, with mountings for the ICV and MAP sensor. Machined from billet 6082 T6 alloy.
  • Boost control rings
  • Supercharger bracket laser cut from steel and zinc plated, with guide pullies machined from 6082 T6 billet alloy.
  • PAS pump relocating brackets/hoses
  • Front-Panel Air Scoop laser cut from sheet alloy
  • K&N air filters to suit application, for both the engine and ICV.
  • Drive belt of the correct length to provide transmission to the supercharger
  • Auxiliary belt tensioner pulley machined from 6082 T6 alloy billet.

All other components for the conversion are available 'off the shelf' from various suppliers.

Please refer to the Price List download links below for more information and other components needed to complete the conversion.

It is possible to purchase elements of the conversion bit-by-bit, as set out on the price lists below, to enable tailoring of the conversion to suit your requirements and mechanical capabilities if you fancy doing your own install. A full installation manual is available for those wishing to do a 'DIY' conversion.

Be sure to check out our 400 BHP 'charged 306 GTi-6 in the Magazine Features and Gallery pages.

Lynx Power Engineering can offer the kit fully fitted as a drive in-drive out conversion or alternatively simply supply the kit above and any extra parts as and where necessary

Please see below for pricing:

Price lists (PDF format - click to download)

High Boost conversion
Low Boost conversion

All necessary fastenings are included in the kit.

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