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We are proud to offer Custom Engineering products designed to meet specific requirements. Our latest batch of custom products are shown below - manufactured to a very high standard at a very competitive price.

Peugeot Alloy Billet Crank Pullies

These pullies were designed to replace the stock rubber/metal bonded design, which commonly 'slip' whereby the rubber deteriorates over time and detaches from the metal surround. This can lead to the timing hole being dislocated, which, if un-noticed, can result in the engine being incorrectly timed, resulting in catastrophic cylinder head damage. They are machined from 6082 T6 alloy billet, and finished with a 50-micron hard anodised to prevent corrosion and surface wear. At less than half of the weight of the stock item, they have a similar effect to a lightened flywheel and reducing rotating mass, aiding faster engine pickup and reduced inertia. The alloy pulley is particularly good for supercharged engines whereby the belt is providing transmission drive for the supercharger and a standard pulley is likely to 'slip' under the increased load.

Pullies are currently available for the following Peugeot Engines: GTi-6, XSi 16V, Mi16, S16 and T16 priced at £89.99 each.

Peugeot 306 Roller Bearing Wishbone Bushes.

The Peugeot 306 suffers from common failure of wishbone bushes - particularly the rear wishbone or 'P' bush - and in cases these have been known to only last a few months. These Roller Bearing Bushes were developed to provide a long-lasting solution - and have now been proven on many road and track cars. The bushes are all steel construction, with sealed bearings, and zinc-passivate finish to prevent corrosion, and the rear 'P' bushes are equipped with a grease nipple for easy lubrication. The bushes eliminate all wishbone play and subsequently off improved steering feel and control - particularly on uneven surfaces and under hard braking when worn standard bushes would be most noticable.

Available to fit Peugeot 306 [all models] priced at £200.00 for a full car set, consisting of 4 front wishbone bushes and 2 rear wishbone or 'P' bushes.

Peugeot Auxiliary Belt Pullies

These pullies are designed to replace the cheap plastic OEM auxiliary belt tensioner and idle pullies. These are machined from 6082 T6 alloy billet and fitted with a quality rubber sealed bearing, which is fully replaceable. These will often cure auxiliary belt 'whine' caused by worn plastic pullies/bearing. These are also ideal for supercharged engines due to offering increased durability.

Available for the GTi-6 and XSi 16V engines - £POA.

Fuel Swirl Pots

These are designed for applications where the standard fuel system is unable to supply enough fuel for the power output, or where fuel surge/starvation is encountered, such as on trackdays under heavy cornering. These have been developed to mount under the boot-floor of a Peugeot 306; however can be used on almost any application where an 'upside-down' style swirl pot is called for.

The standard OEM in-tank pump is used to circulate fuel through the swirl pot, and then a high pressure external fuel pump such as the Walbro 255 LPH can be used to feed fuel from the swirl pot to the engine.

These are internally baffled and constructed from TIG welded stainless steel. - £POA.

Supercharger Kit

Lynx has developed a supercharger kit to fit the Peugeot 306 GTi6/Rallye engine. Kit components include Custom machined Inlet Manifold, brackets, pullies and much more. Please check our Tuning pages for more information on what is involved in the conversion.

Custom Engineering

Do have parts that require modification? Or require parts to be custom-made for your purpose? Lynx can offer tailored solutions through our extensive engineering knowledge and production via a large range of engineering processes on a subcontract basis.

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